Things to do in Santiago de Chile

Spectacular shopping and sightseeing in Santiago de Chile

If you’re looking for an ideal holiday destination where you can go to beaches, climb mountains, and visit museums all in one place, Santiago de Chile is the perfect vacation spot. It is packed with cultural and outdoor activities that will delight any traveler and holiday maker.


Things to do in Santiago de Chile

If you are looking for things to do in Santiago de Chile while on vacation, look no further! We’ve listed some of our favorite tourist spots and activities in the beautiful capital city of Chile.


Excursions in the surroundings

Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile. It is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes and is very close to the coast. Since Santiago de Chile is known for its beautiful, scenic mountains, traveling to this city is a good chance for you to try different mountain-related sports and leisure activities. You can try skiing and mountain biking or you can simply hire a guide to experience trekking up the Andes Mountains.


Santiago de Chile City Tour

You can also join a city tour group to explore the spectacular city of Santiago de Chile. Most of the city tours include exciting activities such as trying out local Chilean food and drinks, visiting museums and palaces, and visiting vineyards and wineries.


Shopping in Santiago de Chile

If you love shopping for gifts or simply buying holiday souvenirs, you can drop by the Los Domincos Handicraft Village. This is where you can see and buy local handicrafts, souvenirs, and other items that will remind you of the city. If you prefer modern shopping malls, there are several huge shopping centers in the city, such as the Mall Plaza Vespucio and Mall Plaza Oeste.


Nightlife in Santiago de Chile

Nightlife in Santiago de Chile is flourishing and you can find lots of nightlife spots and party venues throughout the city. Discos and jazz bars are also popular in the city and you can experience moving to local dance music like salsa and meringue.


When to visit Santiago de Chile

The summer season is usually the peak travel season in Santiago De Chile. This period is between December and February, which also coincides with the city’s holiday season. Temperatures during this period range between 15-35°C (60-95°F).

If you plan your trip between June and August, be prepared to bring winter clothing with you as the temperatures will dip low. Temperatures in the winter season range between 0-12°C (32-55°F).


Things to do in Santiago de Chile

Chile Facts

Population5 428 590
CurrencyChilean Peso
AirportArturo Merino Benitez Intl, Chile (SCL)

Chile average temperatures

29 °C 29 °C 27 °C 22 °C 18 °C 14 °C 14 °C 16 °C 18 °C 22 °C 25 °C 28 °C


Santiago de Chile ski vacations - Ski at the biggest resort in Chile

When in Santiago de Chile you have four ski resorts nearby. Ski Portillo is one of the most famous ones, located 92 miles (148 km) away. It is known for its dust-snow and it also offers some beautiful sceneries. Valle Nevado is the biggest ski resort in all of Chile and located 27 miles (44 km) away from Santiago. About 24 miles (38 km) away you have La Parva, which provides you with amazing views overlooking the valley of Santiago. And last but not least we have El Colorado Ski Center. This resort is located very close to the City of Santiago and constitutes out of two villages linked together.

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Santiago Opera House

Teatro Municipal

The Municipal Theatre of Santiago is the biggest and most important opera house in all of Chile. Located on Agustinas 794 near the Cerro Sta Lucia park, this French Neoclassical style opera house made by the French-Chilean architect Claudio Brunet Des Baines is the most prominent place for the performing arts in Santiago. This classic opera house is since 1974 declared a national monument and is arguably one of the most famous buildings in Santiago. From the day it was founded in 1857 to this day it continues to be an excellent place to go to experience great ballet and opera.

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Golf in Santiago de Chile

The mountains near Santiago de Chile are a definitely an interesting setting for a golf course. In the northern hills of the city you will find Club de Golf Valle Escondido and Club de Golf La Dehesa, where the former is more challenging and the latter more suitable if you are looking for a walk-friendly course. The most centrally located course is Club de Golf Sport Francais, a great 18 hole course in the inner city of Santiago de Chile.

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Theme Parks in Santiago de Chile - Fun for everyone at Fantasilandia

Santiago de Chile is home to the Chilean amusement park Fantasilandia. This is a good option if you are a family with a lot of different ages in it. It so happens that this park offers you rides in three different categories, “thrilling”, “childish” and for those in between “gentle”. Everyone will find their own favorites working for them!

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