Things to do in Caracas

Caracas – A tourist spot for marathon runners and history lovers too


Called Santiago de Leon de Caracas or Caracas city – Caracas is a popular spot that active marathon runners visit every year. Situated in the northern part of Venezuela, this is where most of the country’s history took place in ancient times which makes Caracas an amazing place to visit if you are in to history. If you are not much of a history fanatic, don’t worry, there’s a lot of other fun non-historical things to do in Caracas, like hanging on the beach, going shopping and don’t forget to take part of the vivid nightlife of this pulsating city.


Things to do in Caracas


Museums and Galleries

Caracas is the largest city in Venezuela and a huge historical site; therefore it is a must to visit museums such as the birthplace of the liberator Simon Bolivar. If you love art, drop by El Salon Eliptico, where you can ponder upon some of the most famous paintings of all time. Don’t forget to get your souvenirs at either Centro Commercial Chacaito and Centro Commercial Sambil.


Parque Del Este

Spend some time strolling along their Free-Zoo Park, or Parque Del Este, to catch a glimpse of local animals in their natural habitat.






Caracas Beach Life

Caracas has a beautiful beach called Playa Caracas, also known as Red Beach, where you can tan or go for a quick surf in the rolling waves.


Nightlife & Roof Top Bars

Don’t miss out on the nightlife in the city either, where most of it ends sometime between 4 am and 12 noon! Altamira Suites Hotel has a great 360°
Roof Top Bar. Here you can enjoy cocktails whilst taking in a fantastic view of the city from above. Or, if singing is your thing, drop by the Tequilibrio Mexican bar to chill and sing karaoke.


When to go to Caracas

Caracas has a tropical savanna climate. The coldest time of the year is in January where temperatures dip to as low as 15 degrees(61° Fahrenheit). If you’re into water sports and would like a good tan, travel in July when the temperature is around 21° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit). Take note that between June and October most of the electrical storms take place are reported.


Caracas Marathon

The most crowded time to visit would be when the Caracas Marathon takes place. If you want to run the full marathon (42k) or the half marathon (21 k) make sure to register in time because this is a very popular race.


Things to do in Caracas

Caracas Facts

Population1 943 901
CurrencyVenezuelan bolívar
AirportSimon Bolivar Intl, Venezuela (CCS)

Caracas average temperatures

25~27 °C 26~28 °C 29 °C 29 °C 28~29 °C 27~28 °C 26~27 °C 27~28 °C 27~28 °C 27~28 °C 27~28 °C 26~27 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Caracas - Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

Designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva, the Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas is a great example of modernism in city planning and architecture. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its modern design, which can be seen in its astonishing Aula Magna with “clouds” floating around, its Olympic stadium and the covered plaza.

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Caracas Opera House

Teatro Teresa Carreño

The Teatro Teresa Carreño is the second largest theatre in South America and the most important one in Caracas and Venezuela. The venue offers performances including opera, ballet, theatre plays and concerts, and it is named after the Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño. Located in the Bellas Artes cultural district of the city, the Teatro Teresa Carreño is a great place to visit during your stay, with many activities organized during the year such as yoga classes and a charming surrounding tropical park!

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Caracas Marathon

Held in the largest city in Venezuela, the Caracas Marathon has been an annual event in April since 2011. The course will take you past the breathtaking Venezuelan coastal mountain range (Cordillera de la Costa) no matter if you run the main marathon or the half-marathon. Since it is an inner city marathon though, you will not climb the mountain range, at least not as a part of the marathon. If you still have strength the days after the marathon though, it is definitely something we can recommend doing!

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Golf in Caracas

There are a couple of great courses near Caracas, the best one being that of the Caracas Country Club. It is a stunning course showing of the city in the distance as you make your way past the lakes, bunkers and trees. The course has hosted the Latin American Qualifying event. There are more courses in the area if one is not enough for you, for example Junko Golf Club a short car ride to the west of Caracas and Valle Ariba Golf Club to the east.

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