Things to do in Bourgas

Bourgas is a beach city in the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Sitting on the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Bourgas is one of the most perfect beach destinations in the Balkan region. It also has breathtaking natural scenery composed of lakes, natural reserves, and gardens. Festivals and sporting events are also popular among tourists taking their holiday in Bourgas.


Things to do in Bourgas



The City Beach is a major tourist attraction in Bourgas and plenty of hotels, bars, nightlife options, and entertainment venues. The long strip of beach includes the North Beach and the Sunny Beach, both of which are popular among tourists, especially during the peak travel season.



If you ever get tired of lazing around on the beach, there are also a couple of casinos and golf courses in the city so whether you’re a day person or a night owl, you’ll never have to worry about running out of leisure things to do in Bourgas.



The city center is adorned with a bustling shopping area where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, and other affordable items. There is also a mall at the Izgrev living district called the Bourgas Plaza Mall.



If you’re craving for some action-packed sports games in Bourgas, you can check the match schedules of the professional football clubs based in the city. There are a couple of stadiums in the city where you can enjoy watching football games and other sports.


When to go to Bourgas

Because Bourgas is surrounded by the sea and three lakes, the city experiences a humid subtropical climate with strong maritime influences. The summer season has average high temperatures ranging from 26.6 to 29.2 °C (79.9 to 84.6 °F) while the winter season has average low temperatures ranging from 0.5 to 4.4 °C (32.9 to 39.9 °F).

At the end of April, the Bourgas Yachting Week takes place near the city port. The Bourgas Sand Fest is held from early July to late August and features amazing sand sculptures made by international artists.




Things to do in Bourgas

Bourgas Facts

Population200 271
CurrencyBulgarian Lev
AirportBurgas, Bulgaria (BOJ)

Bourgas average temperatures

6 °C 7 °C 10 °C 15 °C 20 °C 25 °C 27 °C 27 °C 24 °C 18 °C 12 °C 8 °C