Things to do in Bilbao

Bilbao: capital of Cod and culture

Bilbao, Spain is a place of cultural wonder, hosting two of the country’s finest art galleries, six museums, as well as art exhibits, opera, dance performances, theater, and music such as pop and rock to delight holiday-goers. It is also the Capital of Cod due to the delicious meals at local restaurants using this type of fish.


Things to do in Bilbao


The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

One of the most famous museums is The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which houses both modern and contemporary artworks of local and international artists. It was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry and inaugurated in 1997.


Bilbao Exhibition Centre

You should also see the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), which is the headquarters of the Feria de Muestras de Bilbao. It houses a shopping mall, a hotel, and pavilions that can be used for international fairs, exhibits, and conferences. Plus, there is parking for more than 4,000 vehicles.


Bilbao Basket

If you love sports, watch a basketball game at the Bilbao Arena played by the Bilbao Basket, a professional basketball club in the city.

When to go to Bilbao

Bilbao features an oceanic climate. Being close to the ocean, this means it basically has two seasons: winter and summer. The average range of temperatures is between 25 and 26 °C (77.0 and 78.8 °F) in the summer and the average temperatures in the winter season range between 6 and 7 °C (42.8 and 44.6 °F).



Semana Grande is a huge festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of people in August every year. During the festivals nine days, there’s tons of things to do in Bilbao as well as musical events, games, street entertainment, and fireworks displays. Also in August is the International Film Festival of Short Films.



Runners should come in October for the Bilbao Night Marathon, the only one of its kind in Europe. Ages 16 and up are allowed to run in the marathon.




Things to do in Bilbao

Bilbao Facts

Population367 890
AirportBilbao, Spain (BIO)

Bilbao average temperatures

13 °C 15 °C 16 °C 17 °C 20 °C 23 °C 25 °C 26 °C 24 °C 21 °C 16 °C 14 °C


Bilbao Opera House

Teatro Arriaga

Located near the river Ria del Nerviòn O de Bilbao, this Neo-baroque opera house, created by architect Joaquin Rucoba in 1890 is a perfect place to visit to enjoy some of the world's greatest opera. The opera house was rebuilt in the late 80's because of major flooding in Bilbao in which the ground floors were completely under water. Since its rebirth the theater has enjoyed the presence of first class artists and performances and the local opera company has produced works that has traveled all over the world. As a bonus, the amazing Guggenheim museum is located relatively nearby.

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Azurmendi -Tre Michelin stjärnor Azurmendi finner du i en imponerande glasbyggnad med fantastisk utsikt. Förundras av vyn genom de transparanta väggarna under tiden du njuter av din måltid av innovativa rätter med en personlig touch i en kombination av kvalitet och obestridlig teknisk förmåga. Mina - En Michelin stjärna: På Mina njuter du av din mat i en väldesignad matsal med rustika detaljer. Du kan välja mellan två avsmakningsmenyer med tillhörande vinmeny. Maten är skickligt kombinerad med olika ingredienser och smaker. Zortziko - en Michelin stjärna Restaurangen har en lugn och avkopplad atmosfär. Den stora matsalen är klassisk och elegant men det finns även två privata matsalar samt en sal där det bland annat hålls matlagningskurser. Avnjut innovativa maträtter baserade på klassiska smaker. Nerua – en Michelinstjärna Inuti Guggenheim finner du denna restaurang, fast du når den genom restaurangens egna igång. Njut av någon av de två avsmakningsmenyerna eller välj från à la carte menyn. Etxanobe - en Michelinstjärna Etxanobe finner du på taket av Euskalduna Palace och bjuder förutom på en underskön utsikt på fantastisk smakupplevelse. Maten en är härlig balning av tradition och innovation. Aizian - en Michelinstjärna Aizian är en rymlig och klassisk restaurang, dock med moderna inslag och excellent service. Njut av väldefinierade smaker, fina texturer och vackra attraktiva presentationer. Kombinera middagen med något av vinerna från den gedigna vinlistan. En bit utanför Bilbao finner du även två Michelinbelönade restauranger till i form av Andra Mari och Boroa som båda har vars en Michelinstjärna.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bilbao - Vizcaya Bridge

The Vizcaya Bridge was a model for the design of many bridges in Europe, Africa and America, and it is considered a great example of iron constructions of the Industrial Revolution. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vizcaya Bridge was the first bridge carrying public on a high suspended gondola, also mixing these new technologies with the ironworking traditions of the 19th century.

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Bilbao Night Marathon

The Bilbao Night Marathon is an inner city marathon with a twist: it is run in the night. It is an annual event that takes place in the middle of October featuring a full marathon, a half-marathon and a 10k ensuring that every running enthusiast can participate. Starting and stopping at the architectural masterpiece that is the Guggenheim Museum, this marathon is one of the most unique running experiences you can have. The course runs around the city with focus on the Nervión river while you along the way will see musicians and DJs performing and a cheerful crowd engaging in community driven activities. At the end of the race, a wonderful fireworks display marks an end of a successful evening. If you want a marathon race that isn't like any other, this one is for you!

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