Things to do in Belo Horizonte

Check out the neighborhood bars of Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a great model of topnotch urban planning, with its tree-lined avenues and neat, orderly grid sections. Nightlife venues and shopping destinations abound in the city and you will most certainly have a pleasant holiday in this interesting city.


Things to do in Belo Horizonte


Belo Horizonte shopping

Shopping is a fun experience in Belo Horizonte, and you’ll find a diverse selection of shopping centers in the city. With shopping malls like BH Shopping, Minas Shopping, and Shopping Del Ray it’s not hard to understand why shopping is one of the most popular things to do in Belo Horizonte.

Alternatively, you can check out Mercado Central, a traditional market where you can buy a wide assortment of everything from fruits and herbs to live birds to souvenirs. Also, don’t forget to visit the Hippie Fair every Sunday as it is one of the most visited cultural hubs in the city.


Belo Horizonte nightlife and restaurangs

Nightlife in Belo Horizonte is vibrant and exciting, with a very long list of bars, restaurants, and clubs flourishing in the city. The Savassi neighborhood is notably one of the finest nightlife districts in the city.


Mineirão Arena

You can also visit the impressive Mineirão Arena, one of world’s largest football stadiums. Football fans will be delighted to learn that Belo Horizonte is home to three professional football teams, namely América, Cruzeiro, and Atlético Mineiro.


When to go to Belo Horizonte

Summers in the city are warm, humid, and rainy, with average high temperatures of 28 – 29 °C (82.4 – 84.2 °F) in January and February. Winters are generally dry, but daily temperatures are only slightly cooler than summer temperatures. The coolest month is July, with an average low of 13.1 °C (55.6 °F).


The International Short Film Festival

Belo Horizonte hosts its International Short Film Festival annually in September and features a variety of Brazilian and international short films.




Things to do in Belo Horizonte


Belo Horizonte Facts

Population2 479 175
CurrencyBrazilian Real

Belo Horizonte average temperatures

27~29 °C 27~30 °C 30 °C 28 °C 24~26 °C 24~26 °C 23~25 °C 25~27 °C 25~28 °C 26~28 °C 27~29 °C 26~29 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Belo Horizonte - Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas

If you are staying in Minas, Ouro Preto or somewhere nearby and have some free time you would like to spend well, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas is a good choice. Considered the masterpiece of the architect Aleijandinho and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a great example of Christian art in Latin America. The trip there is usually long since there are no big cities nearby, but if you have the chance to see it, don’t waste it. The site consists of the church, an outdoor stairway with sculptures of the twelve prophets and seven chapels, six of which display the Stations of the Cross plus one chapel with paintings of miracles.

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