Things to do in Belgium

Travel to Belgium

Belgium, whose capital is Brussels, is perfectly located. Adjacent to France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxemborg, it rests on the shore of the North Sea and is a quick jaunt to the UK. Travel to Belgium for its famous waffles and fries (they were Belgian before they were French) as well as chocolate. What goes more under the radar is the sheer number of Belgian breweries- there are over a thousand, in a country that is barely bigger than the state of New Jersey. That says something about a country and its interests. Brussels is a political European hub and accordingly outfitted with all the essentials of any outstanding European modern capital. Get outside of the city lines and discover other Belgian beauties, like the picturesque city of Bruges and castles around (almost) every corner.


Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. Many associate Belgium with the delicious waffles sold on the streets. However, this amazing city is also a place for anyone that loves getting involved in recreational activities. Read more about Brussels…