Things to do in Graz

Graz, the city of world-class universities

Graz, the second-largest Austrian city, is home to six universities. A huge portion of the city’s population consists of students, making the tourist attractions very student- and youth-friendly. Graz also takes pride in its well-preserved historic center that welcomes thousands of visitors every year.


Things to do in Graz


Graz Museums

Visiting museums can be a very educational and satisfying experience for tourists. You can spend your holiday checking out the Austrian Open Air Museum, a rustic woodland setting that features old farm buildings from all over the country. Another interesting museum is the Schloss Eggenberg, a history, archeology, and art museum that tells about the culture and heritage of Austria.



Shopping is another worthwhile activity in Graz. There are many shopping districts and complexes in the city, each of which suits a range of budgets and interests. Check out the Herrengasse, Mariahilferstraße, and the larger shopping malls outside the historic center.



Graz Nightlife

Even at night, you’ll find a lot of things to do in Graz. Because Graz has such a huge student population, the city also has a vibrant nightlife. A lot of bars and a few pubs can be found in the old town and within the vicinity of the Karl-Franzens-University.


When to go to Graz

Because the city is protected by the Alps and influenced by the Mediterranean, Graz receives more sunshine and less rain than Vienna or Salzburg. It is also significantly warmer that cities along the same latitude. There is precipitation throughout the year, but rain is considerably higher in the summer months of June through August.

Average temperatures during the summer season range between 14.6 – 19.5 °C (58.3 – 67.1 °F) while the winter season experiences mean temperatures ranging from -1 – 5.1 °C (30.2 – 41.2 °F).


The AIMS Festival

In summer, the city hosts the AIMS Festival which presents various recitals, concerts, and operas featuring the up-and-coming performers in Graz.


Things to do in Graz

Graz Facts

Population265 778
AirportGraz, Austria (GRZ)

Graz average temperatures

-1~4 °C -0~6 °C 11 °C 15 °C 11~21 °C 14~23 °C 17~25 °C 16~25 °C 13~21 °C 8~15 °C 3~8 °C 1~5 °C


Graz Opera House

Oper Graz

Designed by architect gurus Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer in their vintage Neo-baroque style, Oper Graz is one of the most beautiful buildings in the second largest city of Austria. The opera house is located near Platz der Menschenrechte, the great park of Graz. Opera has a long tradition in the city of Graz. For example, the people in Graz could see the early performances of Mozart's great works in the late 18th century. Today you can hear some of the greatest classical opera that Austria has to offer in this beautiful opera house. Don't miss it when you are in Graz!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Graz

Historic Centre of Graz

Present on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999, the historic centre of Graz is definitely worth a visit during your trip. With Graz being the second largest city in Austria right after Vienna, you will get to experience both the student city fun side and the impressive artistic and architectonic heritage side while not feeling as much of a tourist as in Salzburg. Stroll around the old centre to see beautiful houses, shops and good restaurants without being overwhelmed by tourist shops. The blend of styles from the Middle Ages until around the 18th century of the buildings makes the city perfect to discover and enjoy by walking around it, and if you are looking for views of the whole city, go on a hike (or take the funicular) to Schlossberg, a public park with the remains of a castle and a fortress.

Schloss Eggenberg

Just a 10-minute drive or a 15-minute tram trip from the Old Town Centre of Graz will take you to the Schloss Eggenberg, a Baroque palace that will make your jaw drop. Inside, walls and even ceilings are decorated with richly detailed frescoes and reliefs like the Planetary Room, and the chandeliers and other furniture will keep you wondering how life would be living in such a place. The outside is as beautiful. The palace is surrounded by gardens with around 400 trees and shrubs, 5000 other plants such as flowers and peacocks wandering around. If you are at the palace around May and June, you will have the chance to see the roses in bloom, which are definitely worth the visit!

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Graz Marathon

The Graz marathon is an annual and very popular event that attracts over 1000 runners from different countries every year. The event offers both a full and a half-marathon, as well as a quarter marathon. The race puts you to the test immediately as it starts off with a mildly 2 kilometer uphill run, then, it’s ”all downhill” from there. The route also takes you by the beautiful Botanical Garden and the University as well as Graz famous shopping street Herrengasse. If you feel like taking part of the Graz marathon, then you better clear your calendar in October as this is the month when the race is arranged.

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