Things to do in Austria

Travel to Austria


Austria is a wonderfully lush country tucked into the heart of Europe, brimming with destination worthy cultural capitals including Graz, Salzburg and Vienna. Austria is world renowned for it’s game changing contributions from some of its more notable citizens including Mozart, Haydn and Freud. Austria is also blessed with natural beauty in abundance, in the forms of mountains and valleys, waterfalls and lakes, which are perfect for skiing, biking, trekking and photographing. When you travel to Austria in the winter, you’ll appreciate the cornucopia of christmas markets, while summer offers awe inspiring views and air that is scented with eidelweiss.


Graz, the second-largest Austrian city, is home to six universities. A huge portion of the city’s population consists of students, making the tourist attractions very student- and youth-friendly.

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Salzburg is known for its Baroque architecture and musical legacy. It is one of the largest cities in Austria and is located near the Bavarian border.

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Vienna is known for its musical history, especially in the classical genre. It is also often referred to as “The City of Dreams” because the world’s first ever psycho-analyst, Sigmund Freud, resided here.

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