Owegoo and the love of traveling

”Hi, we are a family of four, and we are looking for a place with a beach, where it’s over 30 degrees, and where we can visit museums and play golf”.

This is a question you can ask people in travel stores, but when booking trips online you don’t get any help exploring your options. All online booking sites starts with asking you ”where do you want to go” and the first thing you meet is a blank text box where you need to write a destination.

So all those times when you haven’t yet decided on where to travel, the conventional booking sites offer no guidance – and this is the main reason we created Owegoo. A travel site that you can start to use already in the exploration phase when you are just dreaming of your next vacation – and keep on using until you’ve got an order confirmation for a hotel room or flight. Unlike no other, we offer information, inspiration and booking possibilities, all in one place!

This is a service that we always wanted ourselves, and that hopefully we can make life a bit better for you too.

Who we are

Owegoo is a Swedish startup.

Apart from our love to travel, we share a passion for disruptive technology.


AddressOwegoo AB
Brushanevägen 1
271 71 Nybrostrand

Jonas Haraldson

  Owner / CEO

Owner of Owegoo AB. Love adventure on a windsurfing board or MTB cycling over the Alps or maybe one really good offpist ride or ... my interests and what I want to do takes me to amazing places around the world.



Julia Haraldson

  Communication and PR

Julia has a wonderful talent to create magic with words. She ensures that Owegoo is active through good communication. Otherwise, she naturally loves travel just like all of us who work with Owegoo do and Australia will always be special in Julia's heart. Amazing wave surfer!



Friends of Owegoo


Owegoo is part of #malmostartups - the startup community in Malmö, together with Packbud and many other great startups.