3 Malmö Locations for Foodies

Malmö is a fantastic town, and I don’t say that just because it is the place I call home, but because it actually is a fantastic place. It is one of Sweden’s most multicultural cities, something that you can se, not only in the streets of Malmö, but also in the fantastic variety of food experiences available in this city. For a foodie like me, that is pure music to my ears and I’m determined to eat my way through this vibrating city, tasting everything that comes in my way. However, if you are only visiting Malmö for a short period of time, you might not have the time to try it all, so I have put together a list of my three place in Malmö a true foodie shouldn’t miss!



To many people, bastard means a child born out of wedlock, but to the people of Malmö, Bastard means dining at its finest. This is the place where it is all about the meat and where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. For the last five years, Bastard have been serving up home cooked delights, with emphasis on good meat, to the people of Malmö. Placed in the old neighborhoods of central Malmö, Bastard is truly the hotspot for hungry gourmands as well as a place to enjoy some well mixed cocktails.


Bastard Restaurant, Malmö, Sweden
Photo taken by Per-Anders Jörgensen


The venue has a rustic yet warm feeling to it. The kitchen is placed in the middle of the room, surrounded by a bar. If you want dinner and a show, get a seat at one of the stools at the bar and watch as the chef prepare the food. The cozy backyard is the perfect place to spend warm summer nights, sipping on cocktails and nibbling on delicacies like nice ham, small sausages and divine cheese. If you are out for a nice romantic dinner, get a seat in the back. Start off with a cocktail while waiting for the food. Go for the Margaritas, they are to die for. When looking at the menu, don’t be frightened by things like pigs head, ox tail or pigs cheek, the chef knows what he’s doing, so be brave and go for what you normally wouldn’t go for.


Bastard Restaurant, Malmö, Sweden
Photo taken by Per-Anders Jörgensen


The menu changes daily, depending on what’s in. The chefs all cook by the meat philosophy ”from nose to tail”, and although it can seem a bit morbid, and lets be honest quite vulgar, when you are served a soup cooked on pigs legs that actually contains a bone from a pigs leg, the fantastic taste, where every flavor is exactly where it is supposed to be, makes you forget about the rest. The secret ingredient lies in the value of good products, or as the staff themselves would put it; meat from animals that have been loved, greens that taste like greens tasted back in the day and eggs from chicks that loves to be petted. If you love meat, Bastard is definitely a place to check out, just don’t expect pork chops or steak….

Adress: Mäster Johansgatan 11, 211 21 Malmö




Are you one of those people who tend to always pick the same thing from the menu when you go out for dinner? Or do you belong to the crowd who have a hard time choosing what to eat because there’s just too much on the menu? Then Lyran is the perfect place for you. The chances that you’ll be able to eat the same dishes here twice is slim to non.


Photo taken from Lyran’s Instagram


The menu is based on ”instinct cooking” where the dishes are based on the best goods at that particulate time and that particular day. Every morning the chefs, based on whats in, puts together two 4 dish- menys, one fully vegetarian and one mixed. So basically the only choice you’ll have to make is if you want to go with meat, or go all green. However, what those dishes are, you won’t know until you have the plate in front of you. The only clue you get, is a ”menu” containing a list of the goods that are at the kitchens disposal on that particular day.


Photo taken from Lyran’s Instagram


The restaurant is small and cozy, with not more than around 20 seats. Make sure to be seated at the bar. From there you can have a nice chat with the chef as he/she is cooking up you dinner, right in front of your nose. If you are lucky, you might even get a taste, right from the pan. The owner, and also the head chef, Jörgen Lloyd, gets his inspiration from the diverse and multicultural culinary scene of Malmö, to which he puts a nordic touch. Lyran is a cozy, and casual place, but there’s nothing casual about the food. The food is prepared to perfection, down to the last piece of decoration. Prepared with a lot of heart, and seasoned with love!

Adress: Lyran Simrishamnsgatan 36 A 21435 Malmö




Malmö is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in Sweden. You’ll find over 170 different nationalities represented in this little big city and when it comes to dining in Malmö, its multicultural diversity shines through. If you are after a true Malmö experience, you should definitely head over to the square of Möllevångstorget. This is where the world of food, people and culture come together in a fantastic, colorful and vivid bang. During the day the square turns into a vibrant marketplace where you can buy beautiful flowers, fruits and greens at a low price. The market is held every day except for Sundays, but if you have the opportunity, go on a Saturday after lunch. This is when it’s the most hectic. Stroll among the different stalls, enjoy the fantastic smell of herbs, fruit and flowers and try fresh mango, melon and figs. Listen to the vendors screaming out prices of avocados, apples, bananas, one cheaper than the other, as they try to make the last sales of the week.


möllan 1


Scattered around the square you’ll find everything from Polish delicacies, meat stores, to cosy coffee bars, restaurants and pubs. Here’s something for every taste bud, as well as every budget. Choose between everything from a Caribbean Jerk dinner, spicy indian Curry, to a nice steak or thai take away. Or why not go for the signature dish of Malmö – a falafel! ”Möllan” is truly one of my favorite places in Malmö and you’ll be sure to find me here, every Saturday, tasting mangoes, smelling flowers and enjoying the true treat of Malmö – people from different cultures, countries and walks of life, coming together over the love of food.

Adress: Möllevångstorget, 214 23 Malmö


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